Our clients’ existing home and neighboring residence were razed to create an expansive, double lot.  Working closely with the homeowners, JAFFE A+I had a wonderful opportunity to translate their request for a new construction home with Southwestern style architecture and rustic accents, while at the same time, design a house that fit into its suburban Chicago neighborhood.  To accommodate their aesthetic preferences, while reinforcing the local vernacular, we created an elegant home that juxtaposes rustic, textured components with sleek, tailored ones.

JAFFE A+I’s principal, Lisa Jaffe, and the homeowners travelled to Wisconsin to hand-pick the mix of stone that is prominently featured on the home’s exterior and interior.  The stone was selectively and strategically placed in the house so as not to overwhelm, but rather provide contrast to the custom, contemporary wood millwork and structural, heavy timber roof trusses in the house.  The result — a refined, relaxed home with a harmonious interplay of earthy, organic elements and sophisticated details.