Situated on Lake Shore Drive in a 1960’s Modernist building, this condo had some stellar advantages — beautiful views of Lake Michigan and “great bones.” However, aspects of the interior were dated, so for the renovation, JAFFE A+I  shifted the core of the space in order to create some key, new features:  new master bathroom, large walk-in master closet, new laundry room and, most importantly, an “actual-work-from-home” home office.

Since the square footage of the condo did not accommodate all of the spaces on the owners’ wish list, JAFFE A+I incorporated concealed, sliding doors, allowing the living room to be portioned off at a moment’s notice to create a private guest room, whenever needed. With contemporary and traditional elements at play, the apartment has a rich, yet relaxed feel, and the plush furnishings that were selected provide comfort to ensure all who enter feel wonderfully at home.

JAFFE A+ I was pleased that the success of this renovation and the homeowners’ satisfaction led to the firm receiving several new commissions from condo owners in the same building.