With an ideal location and gorgeous lake views, our clients loved their duplex penthouse and were looking to modernize a dated kitchen.
When JAFFE A+I analyzed the functionality of the floor plan, though, there were spatial issues that needed to be fixed. The dining room was being used as a study, and the laundry room monopolized valuable space on the main floor.  With an eye for openness and flow, we created a fresh plan with a circular pathway throughout the apartment that afforded expansive views, a larger study and a repurposing of space.
Thrilled with the results, the homeowners wanted to keep going, so JAFFE A+I created a two-story addition by enclosing a portion of one of the three existing rooftop decks.  Gained in the redesign was a new workout room, a spacious master bedroom, a state-of-the-art kitchen and a second floor laundry room — all with breathtaking sightlines of Lake Michigan and the heart of the city.