This Highland Park townhouse gave empty nesters an opportunity to downsize.  However, their desire for a more intimate space was compromised by a discordant mix of high and low ceilings in the home.  JAFFE A+I used wood paneling to generate a sense of warmth in the lofty open spaces, and  placed drapery treatments at the ceiling to create a greater sense of height in the lowered ceiling areas.

The guest bathroom provided an unusual challenge because of the window placement in the space.  JAFFE A+I devised an ingenious solution employing a sliding mirror on the wall above the vanity.  When extended to the right, the mirror covers the window; and when slid to the left, the window, previously concealed, is exposed to allow for light and fresh air.

The house features heated stone floors throughout and custom “his and hers” stainless steel sinks in the kitchen.  The homeowners who enjoy cooking and entertaining as a pastime can now work side-by-side together.  JAFFE A+I’s improvements and the unified, new look of the home provide the couple contentment and pleasure as they embark on this new phase in their lives.